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chaturbate records
« Отговор #1 -: Септември 16, 2017, 09:03:47 pm »
 I was just resting and having a cigarette in my room, when a friend of mom came into my room without knocking at the door. He caught me while smoking and threatened me that he will tell my mom that I smoke. He wanted to blackmail me. I asked what I can for him in order not to tell mom about this little secret, he wanted to see me stripping and playing with my pussy. I did this because I knew he was spying and following me from some time and I guess this is what he wanted from beginning. I stripped and started to play telling him what I want him to do, telling a sweet fantasy I would love to see, him to cum and lick his own sperm from his palm for me. I made him stroke his cock and play with me as I was playing with my body. We came together and he came and licked his sperm from his hand. Got me even hornier. Now we were even, I got him, he got me.
Christina teases and pleases her photographer by letting him film her fucking and sucking him off POV
John is masturbating in his room at his moms house. He has to go back home to his rich dad and is just time. Him mom comes in and is shocked by what she sees. She tells him I'm sorry, but she can't stop looking at how big his dick is! She sits on the bed and starts playing with his cock. Shocked at what his mom is doing, he screams, mom! What are you doing? while this is going on, John's stepmom is coming to pick him up. She's fed up with having to do dumb task like pick him up. SHe's just a gold digger who married John's father and didn't count on this. She knocks on the door and comes in. As she walks into the bedroom, a friend tries to stop her. SHe goes in anyway. SHe stands there shocked but gets turned on by what she sees! When John and his mom notice she's there, they try hard to stop doing what they're doing. But John's stepmom says hell no. YOu want me to keep this in the closet, you're going to fuck me as well and let me join in on this threesome! Watch as the stepmom
My first video of my 36D bouncing titties. mmmmm
Only a Goddess would be able to have champagne mimosas on a Monday morning. Meanwhile you losers are stuck at work desperately trying to put in enough overtime to fund it. I spend y(our) money without a care in the world
 5 girls orgasm on the floor, oral, toys, fingers, andmore
Watch as I use the hitachi and edge myself over some tight denim panties, I wiggle and moan and get the panties off. I keep using my favorite toy to go ahead and bring myself to orgasm, leading in multiple large squirts coming and soaking up the towel I had put under myself
I'm crushing hard and I touch myself while looking at a picture of him. Romantic, soft video. I get myself off with only my fingers. There is music in the beginning but not throughout
I love playing with my pussy, especially with my yummy dildo and toys. They leave my pussy feeling so wet and ready for real dick.
sucking on my favorite popsicle and teasing about of my bra <3
 Daddy made me take a lot of water for two hours, I was really desperate to go to the bathroom but instead of allow me to go he ordered me to stay on his lap and be spanked until pee myself.
It's just you and one of your co-workers in the office today, no one else. Everyone is depending on you to get this work done, but your sexy co-worker keeps dipping her bare sexy feet in and out of her flats in front of you. She catches you staring, and chastises you gently, before coming up with a solution. I'll help you get off this time since you're so distracted and you're not being productive. She takes her whole outfit off, and wiggles her toes in front of you. She gives you a few instructions and a little encouragement while she sucks her toes and sniffs her feet. With you watching, she gets too turned on and decides to masturbate as well, rubbing and fingering her all natural pussy. Is there any inch of her you can't appreciate?
Almost 4 minutes in length, this video is of me using my g-spot vibe to try to make myself squirt, I didn't squirt as much as I normally do because I had already squirted a ton that day, but my pussy is good and creamy and dripping down my ass.***introductory price, will go up in time***
Enjoy a free video of me in my yoga pants teasing you x
Watch me suck a massive cock ending in a creamy facial


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model model
« Отговор #2 -: Септември 16, 2017, 09:04:22 pm »
 High heels, latex dress, I give my slave all my foot down his throat
My stunt cock distracts me before I even make it online to bend me over and fuck me and shoot a load of cum down my throat!
spy cam catches Juliet giving a private cam show
In creamy cucumber the sequel I cover myself in coconut oil then masturbate with the cucumber for quite a while! several camera angles and lots of close ups! some pretty intense orgasms too!I had to cut off my intro because the file was too big.
i decided to make a video for you for the fourth of july! watch your bad little girl tease you in her tiny jean shorts and white top while the sun beats down on her. she complains about the heat before she decides to slowly take her clothes off for you. she removes her shorts first, showing you her beautiful curves and bending over a few times, making sure she has you nice and hard, by teasing you. she takes off her top for you and teases you with her perfect perky tits, she can't help but giggle before pulling out the hose. she knows she has you in the palm of her hand as she slowly drips water all over her beautifully tanned body. she moans and giggles as the cool water touches her warm skin, allowing the stream to drip down every inch of her. her little nipples get hard as she gets shivers up and down her body, she's so horny, and ready to show you the rest of her. see the soaking wet, american slut get naked in part 2
 Take a closer look, while I take care of my skin with this Oil vainilla essence
I fuck myself with my brand new Glass Dildo and I made a huge mess! This one is a little goofy because I scared myself with my squirt!
POV Gagging Deep Throat Blow Job ;) Suck & stroke that hard throbbing cock to satisfaction. Lots of ball play & a messy cum shot, swallowing all that I can! Give me that tasty sweet release ;)
A custom I did for a member a while back. Captured and held prisoner by a very powerful man, I am told over and over I am his, and I do whatever he says. My job is to serve my Master Ethan. I starts to tease you, dancing and shaking my ass for a bit. I slowly remove my panties, bra and showing off my entire beautiful body. I give a nice tour on how sexy my big tits are. Master Ethan rewards me by pulling out his huge cock(dildo). I got excited, kneel before him & start praising Master Ethan cock. I take it in mouth and begin to suck. Master Ethan lies down & I straddle him. I turn around showing my beautiful ass & pussy while I slap Ethan's cock on my pussy. Then slowly slide it inside of me rides reverse, bouncing my ass up and down on his dick. After awhile, I get off of to taste my pussy. I tell you how much I love Master Ethan dick. I jump back on, now Master Ethan can look at my big tits bounce as rides him. I beg him to cum inside then Master Ethan pumps his cock into me
I just finished a photo shoot and could not wait until we got home to cum
 When Andi Page was younger she had a babysitter that would taunt her and play pranks on her all the time. So a few years pass and Andi is all grown up and has taken some kick boxing and wrestling classes. At a friend of the families house he the old babysitter was there and now she had the chance to get him back. As Andi approaches him to tell him she didn't like what he used to do to her. The guy mouths off to her, so she punches him in the stomach and pushes him down to the floor. He says when he gets back up he's gonna make her wish she never did this. So then she replies i'll show you and your not going to get up and starts to put him in numerous scissor holds with him trying to get out because of the tight grip she has on him with her legs. He frantically continually tries to get out screaming let me outbut ever time he thinks he will get up she kicks or chocks him back out to the floor. She reminds him of all the times she was left crying in the room alone, after he would humiliate her in front of all her friends. So she reminds him, that he will never forget today. So she relentlessly pounds on him letting out all her anger, frustration and built up humiliation for all those years. Finally she finishes him off with such a scissor hold so tight he and she leaves him there in the middle of the living room floor
My dad was next door and he thought that i was studying but I got too horny in the idea of been caught by my daddy!! I ended up playing and fucking my hairbrush till i came hard!You will cum hard to this vid if you like pussy close ups in FULL HD ;)
I slide my new Tail anal plug in after fingering my ass for you. I then use my hitachi in a few different positions and cum so hard for you, you can see my pussy twitch!
Free video! Enjoy and stay lifted! 420 friendlyIf you're ever looking for my premium content, I have a blog and a snapchat for sale. Blog is full of stills and gifs, nude masturbating and playing with myself and toys. Snapchat is as updated as often as possible with nudes and masturbating as well as one on one chat
I'm such a little tease in my fishnets, garters, and olive green lingerie. I'm bent over and flirting with you, teasing you as I strip and pose for you, rubbing and fingering my little pussy, warming it up for my hitachi and all my favorite toys, I cum hard and I know you will too.