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records chaturbate
« -: Септември 16, 2017, 09:02:38 pm »
 Some quick fun. I have guests staying in the next room so I have to be quiet.. I start out with my butt plug in, and then I switch to something bigger and better to play with!
Watch me blow clouds of smoke and feel myself up.
watch me deep throat my dildo and rub the spit in with my tits
me dancing and taking off my clothes while i take some bong hits
One of my favorite costumes - Dark Angel! This is a clip from a cam show I did, where I licked and sucked my favorite dildo until I came with my vibrator. **Unfortunately there's no audio.**
 As a gift to hubby I rented a hotel room to meet one of the black studs I had hunted. Watch as I ride his 9 dick. He reaches places in me that never get touched. In a side note The black stud in this video and the black stud in Hunting Black Cock 2 turned out to be twins. Wow. Same 9 inch cock, same fucking style. Have met both individually many times. Trying to get both together at the same time. When I do, I promise you will see it! Hubby says there is no difference in their creampies.
When my sister tells me her boyfriend proposed, I realize it’s high time I introduced myself. I drop by his apartment one day and push my way inside so we can have a private chat. Because what he doesn’t know is that the women in my family have curves, and even though my sister’s tried so hard to stay rail-thin just for him…well, it probably won’t last.I need to make sure my future brother-in-law can handle a thicker woman. And what better way than to show him how chubby I am? If his dick doesn’t go soft when he sees my fat, jiggly belly and ass, my wide thighs, and my floppy tits, then maybe I’ll decide he’s good enough to marry my sister. (Note: Camera goes slightly out of focus for a few seconds during the lead-up and aftermath. The sex itself is sharp, though
u will be tortured after days of not cumming at ur mistress wishes.
I love to read, but sometimes I just get too distracted! In this clip I start to read one of my favorite books, but I start to absentmindedly feel my sexy naked body. I play with my tits a little bit, and then start to play with my wet little pussy. Soon I can't take it and I put down the book, and pick up my dildo. I fuck myself in 2 different positions, and have 2 great orgasms.? 8 in. Dildo ? 720p HD ? 7 min. 20 sec. ?
Roxy meets up with Freaky and enjoys something not so lil'. Watch Roxy cum over and over. This is Part 3 of 3
 I start off in the pool wearing a slingshot that barely covers anything. I play with my big tits and make my nipples hard in the cold water.Then I sit on the edge of the pool and toy my cunt with a powerful vibrator until I cum!
Man oh man I have been thinking about that big gorgeous cock of yours a lot lately and I just wanted to show you exactly what I would do with that rock hard, throbbing, veiny cock.I start off with an amazing sobbing wet blow job, I just love the feel of your meat throbbing in my mouth!Then I show you multiple positions I would fuck your dick in and show you how a Goddess rides a huge cock! You make my pussy gushing, dripping wet and I show you this along with how much I am throbbing.I finish off by showing you how massive of an orgasm you would give me by letting me have my way, oh god I love it!2017 Panther Productions Entertainment
Sophia packs up her metal cuffs and walks to the park. After finding a bench, she sits down, scans the area for others and then places the cuffs on her wrists. Keeping a lookout for passersby, she tugs on the cuffs, and then uses her iPhone to snap a selfie before leaving
Watch as Isabella and I finger and lick each other;P -live rec
i was getting ready to relax and watch a movie but two of my guy friends had different plans for me :-). They each took turns fucking my tight pink pussy and asshole. Then they double penetrated me filling both my pussy and ass at the same time and fucking me hard. At last they took turns fucking me until they finished one all over my ass the other cumming all over my face